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Portfolio / OpenCampus

OpenCampus' mission statement is to become the operating system for teaching. They are a global edtech startup, based in Germany, providing an online platform for streamlining logistical, pedagogical, and administrative tasks within the Further- and Higher-Education settings.


Tinyfox studio worked with OpenCampus to improve an existing cross-platform mobile app used by students at educational institutes who partnered with Open Campus. The user-facing work was centred around producing a more cohesive User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) within the app. Additionally, tinyfox studio worked with the engineering team at OpenCampus to slowly refactor an existing JavaScript codebase into TypeScript, introduce unit and end-to-end testing, and create a standardised git workflow.

Technologies Used

  • React Native (Cross-Platform Mobile Framework)
  • Expo (CI/CD Tool for Mobile Development)
  • TypeScript (Programming Language)
  • Figma (UI Prototyping Tool)
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